Fellow Undiscovered Writers 12


Yeah, but I feel like I should so I can make an excuse to take tomorrow off and just edit tomorrow.


speakin of covers, im working on a new one (OC in the middle is totally not fully colored):



I got pizza tonight. It was tasty but idk if it’s going to make me feel any better lol


Nope. Take breaks when you need to :slight_smile:


I saw you updated. Check your notifications. XD


I saw !

Thank you :slight_smile:


Cedric gets some attention in the next couple of chapters for TWR.


Then you can say Sedric. XD Or not. Maybe, but then again, maybe not.


I advocate for Sedmund all the way.
Screw this ‘Cedric’ dude XD




I think I’m going to get more Gatorade at the store tomorrow in addition to pizza. I’ll also drink lots of water, but these cramps are really annoying.


I love cucumber lime gatorade




How are you guys?


Congrats. You’re flying




sup doe


Noooo! Chantana! @Amethyst_Rain


I do, but don’t have it that often