Fellow Undiscovered Writers 12


Thanks! I’m hoping that I can actually do it.


Keep going! You can do this! :smile:


I humbly thank you for your offer of war but must decline as I’m going to bed soon. Mayhaps we might meet upon the battlefield some other time. We shall exchange blows in glorious literary combat!


Maybe try reading some books of the same genre or topic? Maybe watching movies, shows, or YouTube videos of the same type of stuff you trying to write? Maybe something will trigger inspiration! I mean, even just stepping away can help and going back with a fresh mind can help. Do you outline? I do and I find even when I know what is gonna happen some days do get harder than others but the fact that I do have stuff there to guide me does help when I feel down and out.


Take a shower! For some reason I always get my best ideas in the shower :joy: Or just write complete nonsense until you get in the zone and can write for real, sometimes it just takes some warming up










I do outline actually and it is incredibly helpful. Unfortunately it’s not that I’m stuck in the plot/characters, but more along the lines of just being unmotivated and very tired. Which I’m pretty sure counts as a personal problem lol.


It’s fine :slight_smile:
Your readers will understand.
But if you have one of those days in which you write a lot, I would make sure you write extra chapters for future incidents like these. So you wouldn’t have to worry about uploading a chapter right after you wrote it :slight_smile:


I think the writing utter nonsense in the name of freewriting is probably going to be my best bet. I have to find the zone and get past the “wah! I’m so tired” line I’ve been giving myself.


Glad you enjoyed that Shino lol


I binge write an entire chapter almost every weekend. That’s the sad thing.


Alright, I’m going to write a little in a notebook with a nice pen. Just to see what happens. Lol, see you all tomorrow!


For an outline, usually I just include a sentence or two per chapter to get the main story beat down.


hi guys


Hello :slight_smile:


I am so sorry that happened to you. That does suck big time.


I binge write about 3 chapters a weekend XD
you’re not alone