Fellow Undiscovered Writers 12


That. Sounds. Something. That. I. Need. Right. Now. O-o


I am reading comics and not much else. Otherwise I am dandy. How are you?


Dang. 2 reads today lol.


Ha…homework o-o

just published a chapter though :slight_smile:
I think I’m going to try to finish my book ASAP before testing season starts bombarding me :’D


Dew it.


Yeah ik :frowning:


Two for TWR not much else since publishing the new chapter on Tuesday.


It’s just one of those weeks

But, I’m not really stuck to the stats now. I just want to write :slight_smile:


Well…if I were to do it, it’s going to be rocky writing XD

but, that’s going to be my goal from now on :slight_smile:


Oh good luck!


I may end up pulling an all nighter. These stomach cramps are just too much and I can’t sleep. :confused:


Much more comfortable sitting upright.


I’m over 32K for Red Light which is 143 on google docs. I have it double spaced so I can make revisions on hard copies. Plus I use book antigua as my font. Super clean and easy to read unlike the crapola font we have to use here.


Nice. I’m half tempted to try writing everything out at once and releasing a new chapter a day lol. I think not getting reads must be because tags are still broken.


Gracias :slight_smile:


What are the cramps from?


I hear you on the all nighter thing ^^ my schedule is so bad that 8am is my new bedtime, sadly lol


I think the flu. Just haven’t really been feeling well the last couple of days.


And I thought waking up at 1:30pm was bad.


Yeah I wake up anywhere between 10am and 10pm. :sob::sob: