Fellow Undiscovered Writers 12


That might not be a bad way to do it. Just be sure to edit it first lol. The writing club I advise came up with a new term for a finished first draft.

Want to know what it is?


Sure. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be online, though. So I might reply in the morning when I see it then.


From now on the first draft will be known as…

'The Hot Mess Draft"

And I hope you feel better and soon.


Dang, you’re getting sick left and right :0

Don’t sleep too late o-o


Feel better soon!


Phew! Job hunting is a over. I finally scored a job.








Yeah, I’ll try not to sleep in. I do want to get pizza after all. XD


Thanks. I can breathe easy now. Did I miss much?


I don’t think so. It’s been kind of quiet all around. Reads have really slowed down. :confused:


I noticed. I haven’t touched my profile on the account the last few days, noticed there hasn’t been much change.


Hope you get better soon :slight_smile:


The only time I’m getting any reads are when I’m posting new chapters from the very wonderful regulars who have taken to reading each new chapter that I publish.

Even using story request threads doesn’t show much.


Pizza barfs




I’m thinking of doing a complete revamp of my profile. Maybe remove some stories and make way for new. See how I go.


Good luck.

I feel like it was good decision for a short time with me removing FanFiction. I might try posting some again to see if readers decide to check out my originals.


Thanks. I’ll remove some stories that hasn’t had a view in more than a month. Then test some that might be the going trend for the moment.