Fellow Undiscovered Writers 14



Hello, and welcome to our thread. I’m honored to be leading it since @madelinetucker123 is taking a break because of AP testing. Here we talk about writing struggles/questions, and help each other out. We accept anyone.
The rules are:

  1. No links or self promotion. They will be removed by the moderators and are not allowed in the community except the SYS threads.
  2. Be respectful towards everyone

I hope we have a great time, and become friends if we haven’t already.


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Anyone else tell me if you want a tag.

Spare time fun!! (Hobbies and crafts)

heLLO all !


Don’t use this until the other thread is dead




Is my intro ok?




Hey. Can we kill the other thread first?






Of course !

It’s fine :slight_smile:
I will leave as of right now because I spent too much time trying to kill that thread XD


XD. Die #13!


That one was a weird thread haha

I killed it…again XD


And let’s keep #14 slow. Okay. Now, motivation to write.


Yup. And for once I’m around for that. Usually it’s in the middle of the night for me.


No tag. Cries.


Writing is important


Aw poor you XD

imagine that feeling again and again XD

how are you though?


I did tag you


beep boop