Fellow Undiscovered Writers 14



Yessss. Those are Milo and Musichetta. hugs back


Ima spam u


Aww… those are good names




Musichetta is a girl’s name, but my cat is a boy. xD


Fate is ironic, isn’t it? Lol


Well, we thought he was a girl until he went to “spayed” for them to realize he is a male.


I think I’m going to try and convince my dad to get me a month of WP Premium so I can read on my tablet. I hate the ads, and so have to use the laptop to read for adblocker, which I think is better. But I still want to read on mobile.


Wow… what a shocker.


OMI, FANTASY. Imma give you a huggo, I haven’t seen you! huggo


Lol, I don’t like the ads, but it doesn’t take long for the ads to let you have the option to skip it.


He was a very fluffy kitty and a very sick kitty.


Aww… poor guy…


Ik. T^T He was five weeks(?) when we took him in. He and his family were strays that were living in front of our house. His mama took his siblings away when we took him into the house.

He is now almost two and does not have to take any medication.




When he was sick.


Ah, okay. Well he is adorable!


And very fluffy. xD Milo is his playbuddy because my female doesn’t like him.


That’s funny.


How are you?