Fellow Undiscovered Writers 14



I was there in 2013 and then deleted that account and made a new account in 2014.


Original member basically.


30% of the entire book, however much that ends up being. If your book is 100k words, you can’t have more than 30k available for free anywhere


2011 originally here.


Oh okay. I’m dumb when it comes to internet slang lol.


Oh. xD I didn’t know it existed until 2013


Sighs. Guess I’ll just consider posting the full version here eventually.




I know a writer who has been here since 2008.


xD I hope you know what OTP means.


Ok. xD Thanks.


Enlighten me please lol.


Okay. Luna is fighting about how Allen isn’t her friend and that he should leave her alone and that she isn’t what he thinks she is. Allen is fighting about how he doesn’t care if she isn’t what he thinks she is, that all he wants to do is get to know her.

And then they fight about a scene in the book and it just never ends. Everyday, they find something new.




I think that is sarcasm. If not then you iz crazy. xD


Closing in on 27K reads for ARF and just passed 2,300 this morning for TWR.







So like I have samples of my published books here, but they’re only the first few chapters each, and they’re fine with that, but I can’t have the whole books posted


And then what is it? xD