Fellow Undiscovered Writers 15 I



xD Nice. You have come to the right thread. Names Rissa.


Wattpad is an amazing place. It’s helped me grow a lot as a writer


I’m great actually, about to finish up a chapter. You?




Well, I’m not really getting rid of anything in then or anything. Just finding places were it would work well to split them up. Because I know how hard it can be to keep track of where you are with something that long. Especially if you’re on mobile.


Nah, I know a few of them. But I have quite the sticky situation in terms of my plot so even explaining it would be annoying. I’m sure I’ll get it in time. What are you stuck on?


Same here. :rofl:


A chapter of which book?


I get that. I don’t consciously base things on me or my life but aspects definitely tend to slip into my writing here and there


I agree


Oh I like your name! Mines Samantha, but you can call me Sam or whatever u prefer!


It does. You post in the #story-services a bit don’t you?


Sorry, I have been trying to edit my books so I can get started on hw. Message me please.


just working on my outline finally! after going off track and complaining about it for two weeks now. better late than never? xD


yes. I’m always looking for critiques to help me become a better writer


That’s fair. I guess since I write for publishing more than Wattpad I don’t worry about that as much :sweat_smile: If they get too long I split them up into parts for the sake of Wattpad, but otherwise I don’t care


Same, I haven’t been here super long. But from what I have learned I don’t think I would have been able to without wattpad. I mean sure it’s a little cookie, and it’s filled with a bunch of younger writers. But it’s still a great site for helping develop your skills!


Wicked Little Creatures


I just hope that I can say that I have the skills to back up my claims later. XD


It sucks. xD But, I am mainly with my dad.