Fellow Undiscovered Writers 15 I



oh. I thought so


Hahaha I feel ya. What’s your story about?


21? O.O? Wow, that’s a lot. I have maybe half of that. XD And not even all of them are on Wattpad.


sooo many people online, i love it! xD


Lol, will do. So, what genres do you write?


Moving to Rise after I finish the chapter I think :slight_smile:


That is true. And the forums are wonderful.




@Amethyst_Rain would probably know since I hinted towards my struggle in planning this scene where my MC is blackmailed. I’m struggling to find a way to make it serious enough, but find out if making it go as far to be considered “cheat” is too far.




I didn’t think about how much me and Matt had in parallel till a close friend of mine spotted it and told me. He was like, dude wtf? You wrote yourself into the story! I didn’t believe it till I redid my work. Now I am trying to separate it a bit. XD




That isn’t even half.


Same here. I like getting feedback on how my writing, grammar, spelling, punctuation, plot, etc. looks and if it all flows well.


This is normal


Hahaha I think that happens sometimes. It’s natural to write what you’re most familiar with


That is so true! I just wish there were more people on when I am on. XD This thread seems to be an exception to this. But normally I find maybe one thread who is somewhat active.


I think he is cooking food right now.


I definitely agree. I’m a huge perfectionist, so I always strive to be the best I can, specially in writing


That’s true, that might explain why there is so much teen fiction here. XD