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i think a lot of writers do that. it makes it easier to write characters that are more realistic because they have pieces from real people


Shush, you. >.< xD


ok ok, I surrender my case


Oh boy! I think I’ll stick around more then. I seemed to keep coming in where people didn’t say anything for a few hours.


that is true


What do you mean by cheat? Cheat like a relationship? A test? Is there anyway to be a little more specific without spoiling? Tricky, I know xD


Werewolf, fantasy, paranormal, teen/general fic. xD


I do the same. I usually go through my drafts 100x to see any mistakes and then when I don’t find any, I post it. Then I ask others to help me find them.
That would be why one of my biggest pet peeves is for someone to simply tell me “you have a few mistakes, but that can be fixed in a jiffy”. The problem is, I CAN’T FIND THEM!


Same, I know one thing. Every person who has read my story said the plot was good. So that gives me hope there. I just have a problem with everything else. XD


As in a relationship.


that happens sometimes


yeah its a slippery slope. you have to be careful to be real but also not offend the people you are using as inspiration


Do tell me more.


so relatable


Sadly, that’s usually when I am in the threads. XD




awesome! have any favorites?


Agreed. That’s the main reason I come here, it to get feedback and to share it with others.