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Just don’t over work yourself. XD




Artistica has lived in harmony for hundreds of years, with the five kingdoms, (narrative), (music), (visual arts), (theater), and (dance) complimenting each other, and working together to create the yearly (musical). However, one year, a dispute arises when some of the Royal Riders (The ‘monarchy and nobility’) believe that their art form is better. Now, Artistica is in the middle of a war that will determine which is actually the best. It’s up to the elven princesses of each of the five kingdoms to prove to their parents that there isn’t one better than the other, because in the end, they are all art.

This is the very basic idea


Of my books? There is one that I had gone from 18 chapters to 40 chapters in about a week.


i hate when people say that. its like Just tell me what im doing wrong!!! lol


For sure, that’s why my first drafts are always m eyes only. I edit and change the crap out of them before I actually go and post them. (Or at least I hope I am.) XD


Interesting. Summary needs a bit of work, but it sounds like an interesting idea.


Did you hear about Notre Dame?




If that is from GoT I have no idea what the reference is for. xD I have not seen any of GoT.


no prob


It isn’t a summary yet, but I wrote it so I wouldn’t forget what it’s about.


I have always done that. xD


I think why most people don’t tell them/us exactly though is some people ask for reviews/critiques when really they don’t want the help and just want the reads. And when someone simply says, “Hey you could work more on this part of your story,” they go off on them, or just make excuses.


yeah ive made the mistake of naming characters after my people before and not changing them before i got the person to read it… bad idea lol


Yes!!! So sad!!! :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:


Then just make sure to get good rest.


I will.


It is. My grandmother has a friend who lives in Paris, and she told me that they are all around the cathedral singing Ave María