Fellow Undiscovered Writers 15 I



ooh cool!!


Same, I just don’t like them. I have read too many bad ones. It spoiled the whole category. I prefer college, but that’s because I didn’t like highschool. Everybody around me were all party people. So I just wanted to get away from that. XD


true. that just sucks for those of us though that actually want the feedback and want to be better writers because we are not getting the feedback we need


I have four. Three males and one female. They are Musichetta, Milo, Kensie, and Topher. (Youngest to oldest).


Fair enough. I tend to go for fantasy over anything else just generally speaking, but I’ll read a good realistic fic when I’m in the right mood


oh gosh… like 7 years?? is that a lot? probably not compared to others xD hbu?


Hahaha that’s a while

Technically I’ve been writing stories for 16 or 17? Only been serious about it the last 10 though


I’m sorry for overreacting, I just like advice give you’re an actual author (you’re the expert here).

Just a sec, I’ll search through this thread to find the reply that has the problem in it.


Yessssss. I have over 50 books that are published to watt, with only like a half finished. Oops. xD And that is not all of them.


EXACTLY! Someone understands. :sob:


Oh wow that’s awesome! It really doesn’t feel like it’s been seven but I do know that there’s people out there that have been writing longer than I’ve prob been alive lol! But it’s been good, I’m enjoying it!


Awesome. I have a dog, but I love cats too.


I’m completely willing to give advice, this thread just moves fast and I’ve been jumping on and off to finish my chapter so it’s hard to keep up with it. I’m completely here for a little bit while I take a break before I jump over to Rise so shoot


OMG. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: im seriously crying right now. I hope they are able to save as much as they can.


I want a dog.


omfg i have one book that i finished lol and it’s published but only so much bc i’m “editing” it lol … well… i was lol then i burnt out lol for longer than id like to admit lmaoo


Everybody starts somewhere, sometime. Don’t compare your experience to anyone else’s, that’s something I had to learn the hard way :slight_smile:


Dogs are great. My Scarlet is a Golden Retriever.


Oh, I love fantasy. It’s just so great. The realm of unknown and your choosing? What could be better?


Lmao. xD I hate my brain. I really do. I can come up with a plot and then a name, and I am like I wanna write that, but I have to many projects already, but I must write that.