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thats something i hate. i try to use unique names as possible so that that dosnt happen to me but at the end of the day somebody somewhere as the same name as your villain and isnt going to like it.


I see conversation about doggos


Awwww. I want a Goldie.


Exactly! I like playing by my own rules


Must find food, brb


Right? It’s like sorry you have the same name as a psychopath in my story. It’s nothing personal. XD




Same. Hopefully it doesn’t spread anymore, and nothing valuable inside was destroyed


She’s gorgiose.


Yeah I understand :slight_smile: Hopefully I’ll improve in time, Sucks that after all these years it doesn’t feel like I’m getting anywhere. even if i’m writing everyday.


“Cheating” may be the wrong word. But I don’t know what my antagonists are gonna blackmail Cher into doing, but it has to be serious - maybe kissing Eliam. I don’t know. All I know it that it has to be serious enough to almost break Aisling’s heart.




Dalí is a German Shepard, and Bingo is a white labrador


I have an Australian Shepherd/Catahoula Leopard Dog mix. He’s precious




Exactly! The only exception I would make for that would be if I was writing a zombie story. Fantasy is nice for it, because you can build your own world around it. But you need to keep the general concept of a zombie. Otherwise people just call them reanimated, and it changes the whole story. X_X


shiny new idea syndrome lol i knew that one all too well years ago lol i’d start a book, get a new idea and abandon my current work for the new one and the cycle would repeat lol i’m def trying to incorporate more discipline into my writing now tbh and i’d like to ssay it’s working


That’s great!


It is sort of working for me. xD


Well for that you need to know what would break Aisling. What would make her feel betrayed? What deep, personal thing can you exploit?