Fellow Undiscovered Writers 15 I



lol. that really is the best way to describe it. hands up in surrender “sorry you have the same name as the psychopath i created in my story. Its nothing personal. hashtag #sorrynotsorry” lol btw i hate people who hashtag everything, a little fun making there


i heard that they were able to get the art out so thats a good sign i think


I really just want a mutt. xD


Like I said, when having a bad day, I’m able to think up horrible plans. I don’t mean to put Chaisling through hell, but they have to overcome obstacles to be together.


It sucks.


Oh god, that’s terrifying

I love with viruses like that are plausible

Poor Jayden stumbles across a friend of his who died and became a revenant, not knowing anything about revenants, and his immediate thought is naturally ‘oh my god Eli’s back from the dead’

But Jayden is a nightcharmer, someone able to speak to and influence various beings including revenants, which he doesn’t know until this moment. So as he starts talking to Eli, Eli starts acting more human, which leads Jayden down this well-intentioned but very dangerous path of trying to reunite the “returned” people he finds with their families using his nightcharming magic he doesn’t actually realize he’s using


good. Hopefully they can contain it soon


That I am! You a native?


we all have those moments where we think that. the fact that you are writing everyday means that you are getting better. the only real failure would be giving in to your self doubt and giving up


Yes they are


True. Everything can’t be peace and love. There have to be stakes


Yes! Born and raised. I come from the potatoes. Potatoes are life.


XD I just don’t do social media when I can avoid it. XD


I agree 100%


all. the. time


Oh wow! Did you ever read the fable haven series? That reminds me of Seth (Who is a shadowcharmer.) XD


XD YES!! Tell me fun stuff! Anything you suggest? We are going through Arco, and then making a loop down to Montana afterwards.


that sounds really interesting and compelling.


Haha well, I live in the southern area but it’s got some beautiful scenery. I like to think so. Come through Boise and I can totally suggest more. :joy:

I just get so excited when people mention Idaho because I’m like “omg I live there!” I feel like most people forget we Idahoans exist.


Which one?