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it really does.


yeah. the sooner the better.


We are going to drive through Boise! XD Suggest away!


you sound like my step mom lol.


there is a thread where they are discussing it.


Or a series of books


Yesss! Haha… Well, we are known as the city of trees. We have a lot of trees. Are you just driving through or will you be stopping at all? If so, how long? I really like going up Table Rock because you get to see the whole city from up there. And it’s not just a hiking trail, but you can drive up there too to save time. Hiking takes an hour or 2 depending on your fitness.


Do I? :joy: I just really love my home state and I get so excited about it.


Plus it will give my readers a preview of how dark I can be.


I love Fablehaven! Nightcharming does work kind of similar to shadowcharming, but it can be unpredictable when humans have it. It’s actually an ability demons have, because they come from a place called Elsewhere and are thus able to speak to and manipulate other being from there, with a few exceptions. But there are a handful of human bloodlines that have been tainted by demon magic, usually as a result of deals, and that creates casters, humans able to use toned-down demon magic. About half of casters are born nightcharmers, and it’s not an ability you can learn or be gifted with. You’re either born with it or you’re not.

Jayden comes from a very old caster line with fading magic, because the more generations you get from the original deal the weaker the magic becomes. No one in Jayden’s immediate family has magic and they don’t really know they’re casters, he was just lucky enough to be born a lowkey nightcharmer with no other magic, but has no clue until the MC takes him to the demon she’s contracted to and the demon is like ‘holy fuck you have a nightcharmer friend’

Jayden reminds me more of Newt Scamander than Seth, though, if I had to pick a character XD


both really but i really liked the second one to be honest. from what you have said i think that it would be a great choice for your story. its interesting and it pulls the necessary characters in to the blackmail.


i saw that. ive been peeking in on it and responded earlier to a few posts.




We are going to be there for a little bit. We are driving our 5th wheel from Hermiston Oregon, meeting a friend in Bosie for dinner since she was a college friend who moved over there.So after that we are going to go down the line a ways to hit Arco.


yeah lol. She was born and raised in Pocatello. she has lived in North Carolina with my dad for years but she still misses her home state. She insists that every potato that comes into their house be an Idaho potato. She has even been known to send him back to the store if he gets the wrong ones. lol


XD That’s awesome! Did you use any of FH for refrence when you were plotting for the story? Or did it just kinda happen to end up that way? I loved that series as a kid. It was super fun. I loved Hugo!


I absolutely love Newt Scamander. He deserves the world


Ah, that sounds fun. There’s not much I can suggest else that is free… But there is an aquarium and zoo… Of course, we also have Wahooz, which is where I’m going in a few weeks for my brothers birthday… But that is spendy and you probably won’t be able to go there at random. But I suggest it if you ever come back again. And if you come back during summer, Roaring Springs. Or in the winter, you can go to the light show that’s down off warm springs and I think by either the Rose Gardens or Botanical gardens? It’s really pretty and they even have reindeer you can pet.


He needs to be protected at all costs


:joy: omg, that sounds like me. I went to Pocatello last summer for the first time for a wedding. My cousin got married and that’s where he lives with his wife but it was nice up there.