Fellow Undiscovered Writers 15

Sounds fun! I actually think I’ve seen your book around here.

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Of course, you are going to get lost, though. xD

I’m good just getting ready for Taekwondo class.

I see that we both write three of the same things. xD

That’s close to my average chapter length. I wouldn’t worry about shortening them. If they work at that length, they work

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aw good! how’ve you been?

YES! I wish I didn’t have to edit so hard, but I sucked as a writer a few years ago. XD I’m probably going to say that again a few years from now too. XD

maybe. Dragon Rider In The Modern World. does it sound familiar?

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Anything else you wouldn’t live without?

we’re always improving, so makes total sense

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Where’d you go? xD

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I’m literally in the same boat. I’m fixing and reorganizing my outline as we speak because I’ve already found so many issues with it and my want to straw away from it because it was missing some information.

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Indeed we do. :joy: What have you been working on?

He’s built off a lot of my life. So it makes it really easy to write. A lot of the story is actually a combination of my relationship fails and some messed up childhood life. X_X

that’s okay! xD i dont mind! i love when the thread is this busy tbh

Errands with my mom. Boring

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oooh awesome!

Well, I’m sure since you’re new they’ll all be over you trying to help.

At least I hope we are, lol. Without writing, I feel like I would have lost my mind. I’m so glad that I found Wattpad. XD

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Well… I have 21 work in progress that are up on watt, so I have been working on those.