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It’s been a bad day. I’m sorry for going into BeAST MODe, but this thread is way too busy, and I can’t reach out for help for something in my scene that’s gonna tear me apart like it did to @Amethyst_Rain last night. Being noticed by one person isn’t gonna be enough, I need more input so I don’t create something that might be taken the wrong way.

Oh man, one person got so mad at me! I named my main badguy Spencer, (He’s a psychopath and almost kills the main character and his lover.) He ends up doing all kinds of bad things to the MC and when a friend of mine told real world Spencer he demanded I change the name. XD I met Spencer like three times.I said it was spelled different and so he shut up. XD

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I’m not sure if I’ll be able to help, but I’ll try

Yeah it does. That and a lot of people just enjoy teen fic. Not really my thing, personally, but to each their own

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Well I hope it goes well

Ooh that sounds interesting

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hmmm… i’d say it could work but only if it makes sense and it’s like… it benefits the plot and drives something forward?? you know what i mean? but if you think that may be a scene that, if wrote, wouldn’t do much and may be forgetful, try thinking of something that could stick! like what ifs? what does the MC have to lose? what does the MC have that if they lost something or someone they wouldn’t know what to do? make the stakes feel heightened or where your MC feels like things cant get worse… threaten them, take things from them, don’t let them get what they want… to make the things/goals they have feel unattainable because ur antagonist or whoever is just getting in the way…

they want candy? too bad, ur antag bought it all lol they wanna go to the park? they cant because the antag rigged their car … lol i’m just thinking of random things lol maybe they made a bet and if they say anythign someone will get hurt (physically?) i guess that’d depend on ur plot and genre too but i guess its something… idk! i like things like this but i knwo it’s just a big jumble of randomness lol hopefully this makes sense lol kinda xD

sorry for all the typos i know there is tons lol

I said something too. T^T You has ignored me. Pouts.

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In genres or ones you’ve wrote!

Same, I don’t like them. I had to write one, but it was a back story for one of my college romances. XD

I’m sorry. (I’m sure @Amethyst_Rain won’t ignore you, but she will to me)

thank u!!

My favorite is Werewolf. It’s the one that I mainly write in. xD


I’ve read a few that were okay but nothing mindblowing and most of the time I wouldn’t pick one up

You got a cat? Cool, what’s his/her name?

Thanks. I hope it goes well for you too.

Message me privately.

I’m not ignoring people, I’m sorry, I was trying to finish that scene! I just finished it

What do you need, I shall do my best to help

:slight_smile: How long have you been writing?