Fellow Undiscovered Writers 15

Those are some gorgeous dogs.

I’ve got to go guys. Have fun chatting!

bye bye! :slight_smile:

see you!


That’s true. I don’t have any zombies (yet) though XD

Well I have the revenants, who aren’t zombies or reanimated, they’re corrupt ghosts, but poor sweet misguided Jayden thinks they’re zombies for a while

same here

i really do my friend. but at least we have each other to exchange feedback with.

I think I’m gonna sign off for a little bit too. I wanna try and finish my outline so I can get back to writing. Thanks for the chats guys, I shall return later! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


what kind of dog would you want? i have a chihuahua and my sister like i said has the German Shepard


Love that advice :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Probably, hearing that Cherith “only dated Aisling out of pity for Aisling’s cancer”, or walking in on Cherith being forced to “Cheat” on Aisling with Eliam. I think the second might have to be the one I go with since the blackmail has to benefit Eliam as well as Este and Zihna.

XD I love revenants. XD I have one zombie story that I pulled to be redited, but they are creepily possible. (Sci-fi) I did a bunch of research on DNA mutation and mixed a few unstable virus’s that mutate really fast like a cold, then mixed it with malaria and strep, along with the sleeping dead syndrome. It shuts down the hosts brain, and then the parasite that is growing inside them eats everything it can to try and reproduce! When they die, they shoot spores in every direction. It’s really a nasty one that could actually work if you tested with it. (Please don’t I don’t want these crazy things around.)

that is true

the second one maybe, but both are good

Whoa you coming through Idaho? peeks inside

omg im the exact same way. i have half a million ideas swirling around my head at once and i cant focus on just one

because dogs are awesome

Then go with that