Fellow Undiscovered Writers 7


This is a continuation of the previous Undiscovered thread on the old forums.

If you are an undiscovered writer, you’re free to join in! C’mon! What are you waiting for?

Fantasy Writers Let's Talk (Version 54)

Seven already!!! Wow!


Definitely still an undiscovered writer.




Hmm, this is kind of like instant messaging. Not sure how I feel about this yet…


Hey guys!


I’ve always been curious, what marks us as undiscovered?


personally, i think less than 50k reads!

also quick question: what doe the phrase ‘chasing butterflies’ mean to you guys!


To me it can mean a lot of things from chasing literal butterflies to chasing dreams or hopesor ambitions. Maybe even chasing beauty.


yeah same, i feel like it refers to people (mostly women) seeking out their perceived good things in life whatever it may be.

what genres do you write


You and Sam basically know what I write. Vampire. Romance. LGBT. But I will try to write anything.


Waves fellow undiscovered here. Did anyone else decide not to join the Wattys this because of the stress associated with it?

It feels so good to see activity finally happening on my original Fantasy. Today has been a great start to the weekend so far. :slight_smile: Then I’m going out for lunch tomorrow. Either Pizza or McDonald’s but my dad gets to make that decision. I’m fine with either one.


Hi! I entered but knew I wasn’t getting longlisted and actually FORGOT about the Wattys until like two days ago. No stress here lol. It’s always nice to go out with family.

Tomorrow consists of work from 7 am to 1 pm. Not sure after that.






A fellow undiscovered writer here. Hello to everyone.


i actually had hopes of getting longlisted, but i’m not too disappointed. i just wanna get featured lol!




I’m waiting to get my car repaired (AGAIN!) next week so I can start work again. Got it back and something was wrong with it.

At least it’s not a full day at work for you!

Also, can I just say that I’m really hating the writers on here who are hating on Wattpad and using curse words, especially when said writers appear to have found success? Us undiscovered writers came on here hoping to get recognized for our work and they have the audacity to actually use curse words when hating on Wattpad. :confused:


Sammeeee and you’re books are so moving. WHYYYYY