Fellow Undiscovered Writers 7


I still have my Gamecube and the wireless controller that came with it. Love the Star Wars games, especially Rebel Strike.


I still have a GameCube, too, but I didn’t play Star Wars on it. Instead, I played games like Animal Crossing: Population: Growing!, Mario Kart: Double Dash!, Mario Party 4, Super Monkey Ball 2, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker, and others.


The Chao Garden was a major part of my childhood, just like Windwaker was.


My sister would always fight over who got the wireless controller.


I remember in my family it was always the black controller that got fought over :joy:
We never had a wireless controller.


Hello everyone o/


We’re just being nostalgic here, don’t mind us XD


Ahhh ok XD

I’ll just sit back with my popcorn then :rofl:


hello :wave:


To get you up to speed with what the conversation has been like lately, we’ve just barely been talking about the old game systems like the GameCube and Sega Genesis


Up to 800 words. Even if I don’t finish chapter 8 today it’s still a good start since chapter 7 will be posted tomorrow.


I’m Luli, nice to meet you :smiley:


Oh my, I miss my Sega. I was sad when it died.


that’s better than what i can do


nice to meet you


Ah. My family never really were Sega people, so we had Nintendo systems instead. I remember one of our old GameCube disks (Mario Kart Double Dash) died, and I was sad because it was a major part of my childhood.


Everyone has their own pace. :slight_smile: There are some days that are horrible for me.

I have some motivation to get TWR finished before the end of the year so I can work on Aldonia.


i just completed the 3rd chapter from my story, it felt pretty good


That’s awesome! It’s always enjoyable to feel good about something you’ve written!


thx. i’m almost done with it and its been really fun doing it