Fellow Undiscovered Writers 7




Looks like your story is doing decent with the number of reads and votes as well.


It seems we have a case of randomness today, because so far the conversation has gone from writing to Wattpad formats to offices and living rooms in bedrooms to old systems and now back to writing XD


yeah, it was difficult to ask others to have a read otherwise i wouldn’t have had this many views, tho, i would like to get more views on the latest chapters


yep, its been a bit crazy


My mind in a nutshell
Having mild ADHD, my mind goes everywhere constantly and so flows a lot like this conversation has XD


I would just be cautious about HOW you ask others to read it. :slight_smile:


i would say ask them politely if they want to, if they don’t want that’s ok
that’s how i’ve been doing


I think my favorite game on the Sega would be Night into Dreams. I definitely overworked the console.

I never got to have a Game Cube, so I usually just went over to my cousin’s house and watched him play it since no one was allowed to touch it.


Ah. Never heard of that one!
I remember that it was the same with my cousin’s PS2s; we didn’t have them and so had to go over there to play them, except the cousins would let us play on them.
Some sort of Dragon Ball Z games and Guitar Hero 1-3 were ones we’d really enjoy playing if the PS2 was turned on.


I’m always hesitant to PM people here to ask them to read my story. I feel like I would be nagging them unless I know them already.


Same! I hate nagging people over stuff!


that’s how i feel everytime i ask, but if i don’t do it, no one will come across the story. i wouldn’t ask in chats like these tho, it is against the rules


The music is so good (in my opinion). I hope that they consider doing a remake.
I was happy when they revamped Crash Bandicoot.


Same here, I stick to social media and the feedback/SYS threads. I find that it’s less annoying to others if it’s coming from there.


Nice! I’ll take a look at it if they ever do do a remake!


Hey! I just looked at what is on your Wattpad profile, and with fantasy like that, I think that something like Undertale and/or Deltarune might be up your alley, along with The Legend of Zelda series.


I’ve heard good things about Undertale and LoZ. If I get enough time in the future, I’ll check them out ^^


Okay! ^-^


what type of stuff usually inspires you to write?