Fellow Undiscovered Writers 7


We are the what, what is it :joy::joy::joy:


That’s cool. I like to write.


we are the ungovernable of japan, is a line from japanese wrestling, i really liked it cuz i can speak spanish and i thought it was cool


Ah! Neat!


Exactly. Invite them, rather than directly ask, and remember to be polite and if they refuse, still kept being positive. (That’s actually how I was able to get one of my favorite Wattpad dragon authors to read my book) @FantasybkLover, you might know who I’m talking about


Me gusta jámon con queso


You too


I would probably faint the day voif1d reads my stuff. I’ve thought about asking her to critique since she has 20,000,000 plus reads on here across four books, but she’s so busy that I know she probably wouldn’t have the time.


esta muy bueno


No sabía que hablabas español


si, vivi en españa por un tiempo


¡Sí! ¡Es muy delicioso!


We are the ungovernable of Japan


It wasn’t her. Someone else here we both know :wink:


Yo soy Colombiana


a mi me va más el queso solo, pero eso porque a mi me gusta mucho el queso


que guay, yo soy portugués


Jajajaja. A mi hermana también le encanta. A mi me gusta, pero tampoco tanto


Oh no, I know who you meant.

And I just asked her to critique A Rider’s Fate. Keeping fingers crossed, but I know she’s busy.