Fellow Undiscovered Writers 7




Hope she does. Good luck with that


I took three years of Spanish and learned absolutely nothing


@ValerieJackson2003 and a few others switched it in the Fantasy talk thread and I had no clue what was going on. XD


Hahaha. Xd. I knew we would annoy you with that.


Oi. Todo bem?




it can be easy, it takes time just that


Stop, please. This is making my brain hurt from trying, and failing, to translate


¡Me encanta queso! Queso y pollo quesadilla, queso con bistec…¡muy delicioso!


It’s complicated because it totally different from English. Thank goodness I grew up speaking both languages, do I have an advantage over my classmates when it comes to English class, plus the fact that I love reading and writing


tudo, e tu?


el bistec esta muy bueno


I can barely speak English and it’s my only language


Brb. Need to get the mail.


Ok. I’ll follow the orders of the dragon queen. (And it’s supposed to be detente! You were using it in infinitive.)



My goodness, it’s been a while since I’ve worked my brain by using a different language :joy:


Let’s just say I have an advanced vocabulary in English only. As for other languages, I barely have any at all


I barely have a decent vocabulary in English


Bem. Eu tenho portugués amanhã.