Fellow Undiscovered Writers 7


english was extremely hard for me, i only learned it when i came to the uk




I grew up speaking English here in the US, and Language Arts was one of my strengths.


I can understand. Spanish must’ve been easy for you because it’s similar to portuguese, but English is totally different


English is my primary language so I really should be really fluent


I learnt English from my parents, even though I live in a Spanish speaking country, so I grew up with both languages. Now, I’m also learning Portuguese in school


I can understand bits and pieces of Portuguese because of my little Spanish knowledge


Lol. That the way it came out in Google Translate.


boa sorte, essa cena pode ser complicada


sort of, when spoken portuguese can sound really different than spanish, people associate it with a slavic language like polish


that makes sense


I can understand portuguese well because of the Spanish, but speaking and writing aren’t that easy


Btw, yes, even here where English is very common we have to take English classes, but it gets called Language Arts.




One more round and quick reading for edits of chapter 7 for TWR then it will be ready to be published tomorrow morning.




I’ve been drinking a lot of soda lately. I know it’s bad and linked to depression, but it’s actually done the opposite for me.


I find drinking soda enjoyable too.
I just try not to drink it excessively.
I swear I’m starting to lean on Coca Cola like many lean on coffee.


HI!! nice to meet you too