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Me too!


Welcome to the forum where we might switch up the language on you


I used to write a lot of Naruto fanfiction when I first started writing and then I finally decided to try an original idea


That happens


:smiley: our principle was playing basketball with us for gym today :smiley:


トランキーロ!! 焦んなよ…


One of my friends loves naruto


So cool.




Naruto was really good too bad its over now F* boruto




I do have original ideas; I’d rather not share them on Wattpad though because I hope that one day I’ll be able to sell them on the market.


boruto is not that bad


I’d like to eventually dabble more into horror. I had an idea but I think I need to study some horror works more thoroughly before I attempt it.


ye, it’s not as good as expected tho.


Most of it is all over the place :frowning:


that is a good idea, better than what i did, take my little grasp of horror and let my imagination run wild


I’ve gotten some thorough experience with the horror genre by attempting to reshape the complete FNaF lore into a novel, so I actually think that if I truly wanted to I could write a horror novel some day.


To jest zwrot


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