Fellow Undiscovered Writers 7


and dudetts too


:slight_smile: :smiley:


It’s funny because we’re reading animal Farm in English, and I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, and I was talking with my English teacher, and he just randomly showed me the image, and it was so appropriate for the context.


Eh, I don’t really mind
Gender pronouns don’t mean too much to me when it comes to that.


this arm is really bothering me




im the only one in my class who reated to the injection this way :smiley: not saying it’s something out of the ordinary

(everybody is different)


My mom hates it when I call her dude so I asked her if she thought that gender was a social construct that society pushes onto us. She glared at me and called me an idiot


I really wish I could help you…would ibuprofen or other painkillers help?


took tylenol


got better just not the best yet


Ah. I hope it kicks in and helps very soon then!


Hope you do get better


being a smartie can lead you to trouble




ima get better soon


That’s good! You got dis! :+1:


True but it was really funny


if its worth it then enjoy it


Dang this thread went dead. XD