Fellow Undiscovered Writers 7


Just made another template, I’m amazed that I did it cause I just messed around and it ended up being this. I took a hoodie photo and turned itfrom this




Sort of got to get your head around it first. I think I took to it okay because I’m used to Photoshop.


Cool. I can almost see his eyes glowing like a werewolf in the second one. Got a supernatural feel to it.


Yeah, I made it using Photopea. it turned out better than I expected. I pretty used a gradient overlay, changed the colors and that’s how I got it


Can someone kill this thread already so we can continue on #8? My brain’s frying from too much multitasking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




manga i guess




Hii I am fine just poured myself some coffee and I am ready to clean my house -.-


Hello everyone :))) How are you???


i’m fine, just enjoying the morning


Yeah me too, until the time to clean comes. I have a stack of dishes waiting for me to clean them -.-


what about you?


i have them as well, but i finish quick


That’s good but I seriously hate doing the dishes. Must be the only chore I don’t like at all :joy:


lol, i would say cleaning is a hassle, it can take a while


I feel you… We need a smart house that cleans itself :unamused:


:joy: that would be really useful


I think we need the whole Harry Potter thing when they just wave their wands and the food with the house chores are ready. I envied that sooo much


that wouldn’t be bad, i would prefer controlling either water or wind to do cleaning it would be so useful