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Talk about your writing achievements, struggles and anything else related to writing or just talk.

Do NOT post links to stories. Those will be removed by Ambassadors. You can talk about them, but no links. Links to stories are only allowed in the official share your story genre threads.










And anyone else I may have missed.

Newcomers are also welcome and highly encouraged to join the thread when posts begin.

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Fellow Undiscovered Writers 7
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Fellow Undiscovered Writers 7
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Fellow Undiscovered Writers 7
Fellow Undiscovered Writers 7
Fellow Undiscovered Writers 7



I made it (need to bookmark this soon)


Hello. Just saying the other discussion hasn’t been closed, so I’d rather talk there


We reached 10K back on Thread 7? Wow, that’s a lot of talking.:slightly_smiling_face:


Nice! I didn’t even see that XD


Looks like this thread is officially opened :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::balloon::winterstars::star2::star:


Have the heat turned to 71 and it’s still freaking cold.


I’m in a country where my aircon is set on cold. So freakin hot. Doesn’t help it’s monsoon season :sweat:


Ugh! I’m a goose. I realise my aircon was on heater!! :crazy_face: Still, hot for my liking. :flushed:


The old thread isn’t at 10k yet. I think it needs 5-600 more to get there.


My mom said my dad told her what he got me for Christmas. Since they don’t usually talk that much to each other, I’m hoping that means he either got me a new computer or a Kindle Fire with a keyboard attachment (which is more likely)

But he did buy a printer that I said, so I’m hoping that means he also purchased a new computer since we don’t really have any computers that are able to hook up to a printer right now.


It takes 612 posts for the old thread to reach 10,000.


The self close usually kicks in around 10010.


My main goal while writing is… finding some sort of spark. I want to start writing, and keep writing until the sun comes up. I want to be submerged into my story, I want to see the scene playing in front of me as I write the words on paper. Yeh, that.


Hello. So the other thread already closed?


Still open.




So were there 7 undiscovered writers chats before this one?


That’s a hell of a goal. I always find it tough to do that. I’m always submerged in my story all day while I’m at work and then have to figure out a way to translate it into text when I get home. I always have to re-edit it a million times because the things I’m writing don’t feel the same way they did when I was thinking them.