Fellow Undiscovered Writers 8




The one I joined was number 7 which is nearing it’s 10,000 post limit so i decided to number this one in order after it.


I also joined number 7


I joined #1, went away, came back and it was #7 already.


I’m still undiscovered so I guess I’m still welcome here.


I joined in #7


Hmm, for once in my life I arrive at the start of one of these threads. Guess it’s time to hop in!!

Hello! I’m Xenoclea and I like dogs and books about magic.


And the OP has disappeared…

Oh wait, that’s me. XD


But you return!!


Welcome to the conversation! :slight_smile:


@FantasybkLover YOU’RE BACK! :slight_smile:


I was talking in the Ambassador thread trying to figure out what happened in another thread someone mentioned that got removed and someone got offended by that and told me to take the “chat” into a different thread. Lol.

No harm in asking about what happened to threads when you see something pop up, is there? Am I right?


Ayyy! You’re here!

How do you like chapter 8?


There’s someone talking about how the Evolution thread got removed


Yeah. Finally got the stuff done I had to do today, but still busy for part of tomorrow. I really want to get to work writing Aldonia.


I should be writing, but I spent time making Graphics. They’ve improved a LOT


What are we talking about? Sorry, I’m lost. XD


The chapter I wrote yesterday…oh. I just realized you likely haven’t read the rest of the novel so far. Sorry.


Yeah. We were talking about that thread and someone said we should take the chat out of the Ambassador thread. Umm… that’s the place to ask about the reasoning for that thread being taken down.

I was also talking about how I used to be an Ambassador and how they probably wouldn’t like someone who has been vocal against the Next program on the team.


It’s fine, but honestly, that’s not my genre, so sorry. I stick with High Fantasy. :slight_smile:


Ah. The Undertale novel might be more your forte then.