Fellow Undiscovered Writers 8



I’m frustrated… :sweat:

Reads and votes have ground to an absolute standstill. I’m pretty sure that’s my fault.


@FantasybkLover, I was able to go to a bookstore today, and I got CP’s new book. I’m super excited to read it.


The same is happening to me


It’s the worst I think but I’m guessing that’s part of the deal…

Still bites the big one.


only get 3 reads today but the book is completed so…


Mine isn’t but I’ve been really bad about being active over the last few days and I think my traffic has suffered because of it.


in my experience comments carry a lot of weight


I definitely agree with you there. Like I said, though, I’m pretty sure my lack of reads is my own fault for not being active lately.


As dang, I’m sorry. I’ll throw yours on my TBR list. I’m doing book club + exchanges and stuff (on top of everything else), so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get to it. But I’ll try!


Thanks, lol. I appreciate it. I think I’m just venting a bit out of frustration.


I feel you. My latest has been so slow. Like 1 or 2 reads a day. My others were way faster at picking up reads


Oh, I totally get it. There were times when I disappeared from WP for days because life got in the way, and came back to radio silence.


WP is hard. The balancing act can be crazy.



Sorry I haven’t been online for most of today. Just super exhausted for no reason. Doctor’s tomorrow at least.


Unless you have no life XD


Unfortunately, life is definitely jumping up in the activity level.


I’ve got about 5 social writing-related things plus actual writing, editing, marketing, my day job, sleeping every once in a while…so yeah balancing act lol


We need more hours in the day!




Hi all! I need a break from writing and I want to take a nap, but this chapter won’t write itself.