Fellow Undiscovered Writers 8



:rofl: I wanna write but new content wants war.




That would solve all our problems!

Thanks everyone for listening to me gripe! I’m off to bed so if you see me lurking, yell at me to go to sleep lol


Hahaha noted. Night!


(._. ) Let the war flow~




RAAAIIINNNN I think I need to go make some coffee or something.


As you can probably tell, I’m really tired. :sob:

I’m like one crying session away from grabbing ice cream.


I’d send some and hot chocolate if I could


MYYYYYYYYST same. I’m one slice away from finishing off a pizza by myself and am watching Lucifer instead of doing all the work I have to do tonight and GUESS WHO HAS TO WORK AT 6AM TOMORROW


I’ll even take digital hot chocolate.


I’d war if y’all wanted to


What. YOU HAD PIZZA?! DON’T WORRY, EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE IN THE MORNING AS LONG AS YOU DON’T ACCIDENTALLY SLEEP IN. In other news, I made the Phaedra introduction scene as immersive as possible and I’m so proud of it. (._. )


I would, but I don’t have the energy to force out words at the moment. :sob:


I have one slice left and I’m debating whether I should eat it. Oooooh yay


But… should you? Would it give you extra energy to write today? You could save it for tomorrow or something. All of my inspiration and motivated died the second I finished writing that scene though. ; - ;


I don’t know. On the one hand I’ve come so far and it’s such good pizza. But on the other I could enjoy good pizza for lunch tomorrow… That happens with scenes like that sometimes. If you got it done I call it a win


My dog is growling in his sleep and he fell asleep with his head on my foot so I can feel the vibrations and it’s really weird


The latter would mean having something to have look forward to tomorrow The moment my inspiration and motivation died, the world became a little gloomier. I’d like to have both back, so the world could be brighter again.

The scene I wrote when I was powered by inspiration - A Clicky for the curious

A chilly breeze brushed by the traveling children in the dead of the night. The horse was huffing and slowly trotting along the path. Aurora was already fast asleep and using the sack of food as a pillow.

Xander was barely awake as he held onto the reins. Looking up at the twinkling stars, the clouds were barely visible as they blended with the dark sky. In an attempt to keep himself warm, he hugged himself but it was no use. Whenever the winds howled, every bit of warmth he had would be stripped away. He couldn’t stop himself from shivering or his teeth from chattering. Xander could feel whatever energy he had left slowly slip away from his fingertips.

With the full moon and a silent world as his witnesses, Xander’s eyelids became too heavy to keep open and he fell off to the side. He didn’t land on the dirt path below nor feel any sort of impact. He landed on nothingness and it took over.

“It’s about time you left behind such an odious place,” echoed a strange, constantly shifting stream of voices. Each word was said in a different voice. From feminine to childlike and to even deep and broad, it never settled on one and never seemed to end. “Arise, Xander Lucis.”

Xander’s eyes snapped open. He was out of breath and gasped for air. He had a bad feeling in every ounce of his body and it was as though danger surrounded him at every turn. Looking around, he couldn’t shake off that something was wrong. No, rather than something, everything was wrong . There wasn’t a howling wind or a cold sensation around his body. He didn’t feel tired or energized either.

Every step he took created ripples below as if he was standing on the surface of water. The starry, night sky he saw before closing his eyes were below him on the rippling surface. The bright glow of the full moon resonated from underneath.

“Do you not yet recognize it?” asked the stream of voices. “Your home? Your world?”

Xander looked up and saw the ground above him. The horse and Aurora were still on the dirt path, yet not even a sliver of movement took place.

Time was frozen and the world’s reflection was before him.

What a loyal dog, still trying to help in his sleep. :slight_smile:


Valid. But I tend to get hungry again at like 10:30 or 11 so I might just eat it then lol I’m working on getting mine back too…work killed them…but I’m gonna go take a bath and that tends to help

I shall read after my bath :smiley: