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See, in order to understand what’s going to happen in my story, I need a chronology alongside a database. However, you reminded me to do the database. The benefit of an outline is that, once you get ideas down, the details sort of just flow out of you.

Wanna know something peculiar? I generate random but amazing ideas when I’m out on a drive. It’s weird but works.



Right now the main character is a retired Air Force veteran who gets called back into action for some dragon riding since the US discovered another kingdom. Portal Fantasy, but with dragons thankfully. Seems my problem is that I cannot write something unless it has dragons in it. XD


Of course! XD


Is this for an unrelated story?


Yes. Not sure what the tile is called, but something like Wings of Fire or similar.


I agree with outlining. I also write to chapter goals once I have an outline overview. I have start, middle and end goals from the outline then drill them down to the chapters.

My ideas tend to come when I’m no where near something I can use to capture them. I have to keep chanting them in my head until I can note them.


You should give me a summary or synopsis.


I’ll need a little time, but I’ll try to get it done either tonight or tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Thank you. It’s a bit of extra work writing to script first, but it’s a method that works for me. I wonder if that’s the reason my stories tend to read like an anime movie being played out in one’s head?


I almost did a story with fantasy portals once, but I took an arrow in the knee.


You’re smart.


Yes, it is. But if it works. It works. I’m a mixture of planner and going with whatever pops into my head. I view/read my books like they’re movies as well. And Anime is awesome!


:blush: Aw thank you. I’m blushing.


Anime’s awesome.


Indeed. I can’t wait to have wi-fi installed into my house. I’m going to be watching the hell out of it and Asian drama! That’s usually where I draw most of my inspiration from.








This thread better be active tomorrow. You people are scaring me with how dead it is. XD


:rofl: am here!