Fellow Undiscovered Writers 8




So I was working on Wings of Fire’s summary and stupidly didn’t save it… sigh. There should be a save button instead of a skip button…




How are you doing?


alright. calling people is yuck


You don’t like talking on the phone?


not really plus got kinda a run round…


Same… I had to answer it for when I worked at a pizza place and hated it, especially with prank calls that wasted my time.


plus I kinda can’t leave voicemails


Let’s get it to 10K shutdown. I’m going to try for the closing post this time :persevere:



I kind of jump ahead a little too early with the other thread. I think this will end up closing either tomorrow night or Saturday.


I think I’m just going to revive The White Rider since Wings of Fire didn’t save the summary :confused:


Doesn’t hurt. Sometimes a revamp can make it work better than you had previously intended. I’m doing something different, writing on a historical romance that seems to have taken off at another site.


I wanna write but need war :rofl:


I wrote my historical romance as a oneshot based around the Pacific War since the prompt was “fall in love with a soldier”. I didn’t expect people to want more. :flushed:


xD I have a portal fantasy series. some factions are done in 1 book. others find sequels,


Nice. It’s good to spread out the factions across the series, gives return readers something new be excited about.:grin:


one book on here is a relative standalone. the other will sprout 4 books


Plus, I already have a fairly good idea of how I want the story to go - MORE TIME TRAVEL AND DRAGONS INCOMING! XD


That’s a winning recipe right there. Dragons + Time Travel = Lots of reads :star_struck:


My book recently hit 1k reads and it’s honestly such a great feeling. Makes me want to work harder