Fellow Undiscovered Writers 8





Eyyy congrats!




My book won 2nd place in the Rising Star Awards :blush:


Wow, that’s awesome! Any contest win on this site is not any easy thing to achieve.


Thank you thank you! I saw it in the car while driving to school and I screamed XD




Thank you!

Congrats on getting on the High Fantasy’s reading list :slight_smile:



I’m also feeling a bit better with having a direction to go in and a story to finally rewrite and continue… plus I’m starting my depression treatment tonight.


Depression? I’m so sorry. I hope you kick its butt :slight_smile:


Thanks. Yeah, it’s been super bad with my anxiety as well this week. I declined the job my old boss offered to me because of how bad my depression was this week.


Thanks for the support! Even though school is really time consuming and draining, I’m trying to stick to a regular update schedule


Oh gosh. I getcha. Rest up and get better love :slight_smile:


Ugh school. I knew that when I wrote my book I wouldn’t have time to write because of school. So I prewrote a bunch of chapters so I wouldn’t fall behind.


Thanks. I’m hoping to write a bit tonight. I’ve been editing ARF a bit with the hopes it will get Featured… but still waiting to hear on that from them.

At this point I don’t think it will get featured to be honest.


Keep your hopes up. You never know :slight_smile:


What is a realistic amount of views/votes to get in a week with lets say a chapter posted everyday that week and each chap being 1500-2500 words ? Trying to see something.


Yeah I should have done that. I have finals next week so I’m really about to suffer


In two weeks. Best part is, my birthday is coming up. It’s like “happy birthday! Now get studying!”


The amount of reads you get depends on a lot, including the cover, description, genre, ext. It also depends on your following and your connection with readers