Fellow Undiscovered Writers 8



haha that sucks. I only have two finals this semester but I know they’ll both be brutal.


Blegh. Which subjects?

I have…3 finals and two essays


Hmm interesting


I have a precalculus final and a spanish final. But I also have a lot of projects in my other classes like anatomy and history. What classes are you taking?


Blegh. I’ve got biology, geography, French, geometry/algebra, PE, and English honors


you have a pretty interesting schedule. I took algebra last year (terrible class) but Ive never taken geography before


We have to take geography. Thanks. It’s a semester course. And I’m taking health next semester


haha I guess I’m lucky. geography doesnt seem fun. at my school seniors can basically take any class they want


My teacher’s really chill though, so I love geography because of him


teachers can really make or break a class. Last year i had a teacher who singled me out the whole time. It was absolute hell.


is there anyone else here


On and off. XD




Kinda, trying to get some grading done before dinner…


Hey everyone how are you?? It’s been two very hectic and busy days for me. I did not get any writing done -.-

Ps: Wow we are so close to killing this thread.


Same here! I had a lot of stuff due this week


According to my WP home page, the trending tag is #badboy :flushed: Like, seriously?




Hello dear creature


At least I am not the only one. Are you done with these things?