Fellow Undiscovered Writers 8



Oh for Pete sake, why?


Hi how are you?


Hello fellow creature :))) What are you up to?


Nope not yet but I’ll be done today (well that’s when they’re due)


Great thank you


No good


Bad boys sell aparently :joy:


I dunno. It’s running hot right now with over 16k worth of #badboy stories seems readers can’t get enough of.


Weekend off then. I need some relaxation immediately -.-


Those poor humans. We must educate them… with a classroom and a chalkboard


That’s good to know :)))




Looks like it. Wonder if I should put a bad boy in my story and use that tag. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nah, I like my boys to have some politeness.


I wish, I have exams to study for


Do you have a specific topic or you just know each other that well?


U know how life hits you in the guts and sees what you gonna do? Well I got up and am about to kick someone’s butt


Gentleman’s should sell more. Although I wouldn’t mind if they had a tattoo or two :joy::joy:


Very good child. You’re the change this world needs


Oh this is not very good. Many stuff?


I really wouldn’t want to be in that someone’s place right now :joy:. What happened?