Fellow Undiscovered Writers 8





Yay to change.


Well we talk about our progress at writing any struggles we face and some random stuff about our lives to get to know each other better. And we support each other a lot! :)))


Is it something you like reading or is it going to be just torture?


Nice :smile:


Lots of stuff but I took care of it. Although I doubt it’s going to be last




I don’t think it’s going to be torture but I really just want to finish rewriting my book and then start my next one.


If Ii may ask, why are you rewriting your book?


after 4 to 5 years of planning and finally feeling motivated and inspired enough to start writing my book… I still feel like I am doing something wrong


Because I always planned to rewrite my first draft. The first draft was just a bunch of words written down, it was horrible but then at least I got my story down on paper. And then I rewrite so it’s actually good and makes sense.


Wow that’s long but that sounds like something I would do


Well it’s a very complicated story that required me to dive into various subjects to turn imagination into a reality and make it sound as possible as can be


how many times do you think someone should rewrite a story before it’s really good?


Well it’s good that you feel motivated now. But I would suggest to not wait until you feel motivated and force yourself to do it.


well… depends on the person


I’m only rewriting my current story once and going through about 1 edit after I’m done rewriting. But for my next story I plan to rewrite about 2 times and edit about 2 times too.


well the thing is… when I write without motivation, it becomes really bland and uninteresting…
Like for example there are details worth mentioning that give flavor to the book although they don’t come in later but still they give meaning… when I am no inspired or motivated I just skip all together!!! Like imagine a story that excites you so much but when you read it, you become bored to tears


Yeah but I think you shouldn’t worry about that. Like just write it, even if its bland and uninteresting because then you have the words down. Then when you finally feel motivated you can go back and rewrite or just add those details.

When I wrote my book, most of the time I was forcing myself to write. And many things that I couldn’t bother to write out I would put in brackets. Like: (describe the town)

But I just moved on and then when I was done I rewrote the whole thing and I feel way more motivated to write as I did before.


Oh, I am also rewriting my story, it was a short story that I am changing into a novel. I am kind of under-motivated these days