Fellow Undiscovered Writers 8



Good Morning world and all who inhabit it.




I did write countless drafts and I always go back and rewrite them or I’ll just write down unconnected scenes without a lick of inspo or motivation but now I have those to actually write it down using those drafts and editing them


I live in another world but still Good Morning :smile:


It’s weird to see this thread active so early. I’m usually scrolling through and catching up on my way to work.


I have this whole note of random scenes lol I never used them but they kind of got me tounderstand my character more I guess


they would still make good novellas :slight_smile:


Thanks. I didn’t have time to reply, but I’m here again, and I am finally going to get writing back on schedule




I found this on the profile of Majestic Inc, and I figured it would be useful to everyone here.


This thread is dead.


ee. tis still sorta early on west coast


True. Time zones can be annoying


I’m here briefly. Was doing some bookclub stuff while on lunch.




What’s up? How’s the writing going?


Good. Worked a little on the chapter, although I should have done more on the plane.


Cool, how much longer until your WiP is done?


Hey guys


End of February maybe? I want to rewrite after that, while I work on the sequel