Fellow Undiscovered Writers 8



Everyone is slacking! I shouldn’t have created the other thread so soon. I did because the thread really took off on that particular day!


Hi, y’all!

I’m super new.

Is there a chat where newcomers can get instructions on how to do stuff?

Because for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to put an inline comment section in my chapters. Like, I know there’s a comment section on the bottom, but I see people with comment sections after certain paragraphs, and I’d like to that, too.


[Misunderstood the first time I read. Hold on.]



Like, there you can see the paragraphs and one has a grey number by it. That’s where someone clicked and left a comment. It’s not something the writer adds, it’s something automatic as long as you don’t post one big block of writing. XD


Welcome to Wattpad. There are some guide books, but can’t seem to find them right now. XD I think if you scroll to the bottom of the main page and click help, there’s a link to FAQ there. Alternatively you can ask if you want to know something specific.




At least it’s something you can cope with :confused:


I am exactly where you :confused:


Don’t worry I think it’s just these days. Apparently they are not that good :joy: Universe is acting against us


Hey. I’m going to reply to your PM soon. I’m having lunch right now XD


I have an essay to write and I really hope that it’s the last essay I ever have to write. So happy I’ll never have to take an English class ever again


Which is kinda contradictory cause I’m a writer but whatever


Oooh, good to know, thanks! :+1::yellow_heart:


Thank you! :purple_heart:


Is there anything else you need help with? I don’t know everything about Wattpad but I’ve been here forever and know most of the basic functions.


That’s awesome :smile:


I’m sure other stuff will come up :sweat_smile:

That’s it for now, though. Thanks! :blush:


Pro tip: Never try to edit a previous book while outlining for a new one. You’ll end up hating yourself


I’ve yet to start hating myself.


I’m also trying to balance being a beta reader for someone, working, and going to school so I just have too much to do and not not enough time to it