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Short summary:
Ideas: (you can include character descriptions, important objects/motifs/symbols, the setting/time period, or covers you want me to emulate)

Covers from this thread:

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Title: From Books I’ve Never Wrote
Author: Elloquence
Genre: General Fiction
Mood: non-specific
Short Summary: A collection of random thoughts, dreams, aspirations, heartbreaks, damage, love, friendships and stories. (basically random extracts from ‘books i’ve never wrote’.
Ideas: completely up to yourself. the story does have numerous ‘dark’ or ‘emotional’ stories/chapters but there is the odd ray of light or fun in some chapters. Make the cover your own and have fun with it.

Elloquence x

I like you covers for Bright Burns The Night and The Night Court

When i read the word ‘ferret’, i thought this was going to be @ihateurnamelol’s thread

@elloquence hey my dude, i’m exceptionally bad at general fic covers.

@calmwolf thanks fam!

@Poamzi48585 someone has the same name as me??

Yes, @ihateurnamelol is a Ferret God but can be called ferret and you two have same names, i am amazed

I promise I was here first

I trust both of you

I have a slight feeling that whatever you could create it would be wayyyy better than the cover already on the story already lmao,
can you give it a slight go?
Or if you wanted you could pick one of the extracts/mini stories from the book and make the cover based on one of them idk.
Its a random ass story but i feel like you could make a really good cover from it regardless if you just made it up. Even if its basic, as long as it kind of looks like a book cover and from what ive seen your work is bloody amazing!

No cover request but I just want to say
Dude, you are super amazing with the covers! Like those are definitely among the best covers I have seen on Wattpad so far and I have seen like thousands of them.
Any tips :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Awesome examples! Good luck with the thread :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t need a cover at the moment but I wanted to say that your covers are awesome! :cherry_blossom:


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I’ll give it a shot if you can provide more details or ideas. I don’t have the time to go through the anthology and pick one of the stories.

@Paridhi_Mirza Thanks! Idk about tips. I’ve been a hobby graphic designer for 8 years so I think it’s just practice.

@Azanthiel @darvruni thanks guys


Hi! I’m willing to do your cover but I don’t understand this sentence: “…standing in the same way the girl in your graphic will and Scarlett is but maybe a silver necklace or compass instead of a dagger”

(what I’ve gathered is you want Zayn, a girl, and someone named Scarlett on the cover, but is the bit about necklaces and daggers?)

EDIT: I figured it out. I didn’t realize you were referencing my “Will and Scarlett” cover. My bad!

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Yah I thought that was a little confusing I should of put the title in italics or something.

Should I complete the payment?

I love your covers so much, omg .

yeah go for it. (you can also wait until after I make the cover if you want, I’m not picky)

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