ferret's making covers again [open]


Hello! Decided to open a cover shop again. I’m a cover artist who does best with speculative fiction (fantasy, sci fi, horror, historical fiction), and not so great when it comes to contemporary stuff. Look at my examples and if you think we’ll be a good fit, fill out my form for a custom request.


Title -
Author name - (plz have a name or pen name. usernames look ugly on covers)
Genre -
Mood -
Short summary of the story -
Ideas - (this can involve character descriptions if you want a person on the cover, the setting and time period, important images/symbols/motifs, or examples of covers you want me to emulate.)

I also have premade covers that you can see in a later post. If you want one, these are always available even if custom requests are closed.


One comment on one of the following stories: Meridian, The Third Son, The Prophet Who Lives in Seventrees, The Library of Mirren Haywood, or In Times of Peace. It doesn’t have to be a long comment, but please be genuine and constructive.

Credit me in the blurb if you use the cover.

I don’t care if you thread hop. I don’t care if the story isn’t on Wattpad yet. I don’t care if you never use the cover.

Terms and conditions

I use royalty free and free for personal use images and fonts. My covers are not intended for commercial use. Do not repost my covers on sites other than Wattpad. Do not use my covers if you’re part of Wattpad Paid Stories (nothing against you guys, you just can’t make money using my covers as a graphic). If you’re interested in commercial work, PM me.


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Older Examples

deadthings1segoviaempirebookimageskyhaven meteorgirl


Premade covers


want a premade? just let me know which one and what the new title is. same payment as a custom cover.




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Not requesting a cover but I remember when you did covers quite frequently and they were all stunning :heartpulse:


aw thanks! I definitely had more time back then haha

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Ah man I wanna request something,

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go for it my dude

Title - Those Who Emerge from Ashes

Author name - Alex Harvey (I can finally have my name on a cover!!)

Genre - Dark fantasy

Mood - dark, fantastical obvs uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I told you this in dms but whatever the word for dark whimsy is lmao

Short summary of the story - sword lesbian who can’t hold swords follows around a; 800-y/o living corpse as he ventures the world and revives the gods. She also ends up falling for a god. Something something the religious sects suck and she’s trying to end it.

Ideas - I really don’t want model-based cause I’m Over it. I’ve debated something text or image based? Fire is in important item/image motif. Death for obvious reasons is an important theme. Dakota is a Scribe so writing is important. That One Cover June showed us gave me decent ideas

I’ve been looking at cover inspo so here’s some things:

Cover Inspo


And the cover you made for Segovia has the right kinda vibe

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sure thing

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Hi! I love your covers! I currently have the first 2000 words of my ONC complete and I’m just waiting for a cover to post it. Let me know if you’ll be happy to do mine :slight_smile:

Title: Prey
Author Name: Anna Weckert
Genre: Dystopian sci-fi/fantasy, some horror (zombies!)
Mood: dark, isolated, guilt
Short Summary: Ttod Walker left his friends behind. His reasoning? He’d die otherwise. The decision had seemed so simple when Ttod Walker had pulled the anchor on his coat, watching his home disappear as he sailed into foggy waters. When the zombies start coming for him, what will Ttod do? Will he be able to forgive himself, or will his guilt become too much to bear?
Ideas: The faceclaim of Ttod is Tom Holland (with glasses), though someone similar to him will do! I would love if you could have a boat (or being on the boat) and the ocean in the background, as that’s where the majority of the story takes place. Fog would also be cool, to set that dark/scary vibe. If you wanted to, you could also add zombies.

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those are amazing! (just a stalker ;-; ) bump

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Gorgeous coverss!

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Welcome back! You’re one of my FAV designers. :blush:



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Title: The lost druid
Author’s name: Nesmeé Hale
Genre: Fantasy
Mood: Dark/fantastical
Book Summary:

After the trend of necromancy waved over the kingdom of Fortis two hundred year prior, the deaths of many have left a permanent ban on the practice of sorcery.

But rules are always broken and the druid race lives on, masking their powers with faces of poverty in the Lowlands of the great kingdom. The kings looked over them for years, ignoring them. Until one day, an outsider stumbles upon the initiation of a young druid girl and the race are being hunted all over again.

Avie Hartley must flee her home and attain the druid heart from the the king. Thats where Bruno comes in. Bruno Fyres; a deceptive thief from Orsus, the only one ever known to outsmart the king himself. Together, the two are unstoppable, jumping every hurdle. But Avie has to give up her position of power to save Bruno when he is caught. Leaving her lost.

Ideas: Maybe something like your example covers ‘Planted’ and ‘the merchant’. i like the idea of it being quite dark and green but not picturing the full character; just a hand or arm. However you could also do a silhouette. I’d preferably like something that seemed quite magical and eerie.

Other covers I tried haven’t worked so I hope you can do something with this. Just have fun with it really. Thanks!

@AliasScarlet @The_Pretence @LauraAnnLee1 omg thanks guys!

@EncryptedWriting hullo!!

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I’m interested in making a cover for you but you need to provide more information for me in the “ideas” section of your form.

still got a slot my dudes