Few Problems with Wattpad I have noticed

I have been here for around a year now, and I have noticed these problems, possibly bugs or whatnot.

  1. Completed Status is changed to ongoing randomly.

This one here, I have to constantly give a look at. Not too long ago, I had to change back my status to completed, I don’t even know how long that happened for.

  1. Editing- Sometimes wattpad glitches and reverses all editing done within a set time period. Editing takes a long time to do, even after editing the edit :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

  2. Deletion glitch- Pretty sure some of you know that wattpad suddenly loses your work for a set amount of time(I have begun backing up all my works to a flash-drive).

  3. Sometimes the main site does not load, and it is not internet connection, seems the problem is on their end.

  4. A reader reported my chapters being mixed up. It was fine on my end, but on their end, chapters were swapped around. I had to inform them to read it based on the number presented for the chapter, which I should never have to do.

  5. Spam bots- I am sure this is a common problem though.

So what are your experiences, and do you have anything to add to this list?

Hi there,

This seems better suited in #wattpad-feedback as staff sometimes look there, and the #the-cafe is reserved for casual chatting. So I’ll go ahead and move it.

Usually it is better to report all bugs directly to HQ as that will solve the issues faster. :slight_smile: So remember to send a bug report when you spot one.

Thanks for understanding,
Fray - Community Ambassador :frog:


I think that about sums up the list :thinking:


Thanks wasn’t sure where it goes.


No bother :smile:


That happened to my story once. It was even kicked off a Wattpad official reading list bc the status randomly changed from Completed to Ongoing. I didn’t know it happened until it was too late. My book was removed from the list, but luckily they re-added it after I fixed the problem.


Glad it got re-added, one of the worst things this site did though was completely erase the editing I just did. I mean sure, I keep a draft with the complete edit, but when I post to wattpad, I have to go through line by line and make certain changes on the site.


Editing is already a pain, I don’t need to do it again right after finishing it.

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That it seriously the worst! I’ve had to do that with my book too bc not all the formatting transfers over. Thankfully it does now with bold and italics but not with paragraph placements. You want them centered? You gotta center. Every. Single. Paragraph.

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One of the hardest things I have to spot out though are dialogue thoughts. There are quite a few times where there are no hints after the line to imply such, so you gotta pay attention to the context around it, which to the reader will be clear.


I have to constantly look at my draft as to make sure I don’t accidentally use italics on the wrong lines.

Some times I have to go through again, and correct spelling mistakes I missed.

Gotta make sure each line stays correct with the tense, etc.

This isn’t the first time wattpad has erased my edits. I even noticed at times in my older books, that I could have sworn I corrected those mistakes, yet they were still there. This happened quite a few times as well.

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It hasn’t happened to me yet knocks on wood but I had a friend who kept editing and updating her same chapter. Only for the chapter to lose all its edits all over again.

It’s pretty disheartening.

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Well, you’re lucky it hasn’t happened to you.

I gotta constantly keep an eye on my work.

And yeah, it is disheartening, especially if your chapters are long.

I have even heard cases where books gets deleted.

I have four books currently, which in all reality stemmed from around a three year planning stage. I can only imagine what it’s like to lose your book.

Which is why I have begun backing up all my works to a flash-drive. At least if wattpad screws up, I can move onto another site that won’t lose my work.


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Yeah, I lost a chapter once. Ever since then I’ve always used Google Docs as the main writing hub then transferred it over to Wattpad. Just don’t trust editing on here anymore.

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That’s what I do.

I first have the draft.

I then edit the draft, then I copy to docs, then I copy to wattpad, then I apply the necessary changes from the draft to wattpad.

Also sorry if response was slow, just released another chapter from my fourth book.

That long process I mentioned is what I continuously do to cutback on editing time.

The book is done on my end, I just release a new chapter every few days.

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Lol it’s cool. I had to eat anyway. 4th book?! I’m still just trying to get though my 2nd lol.

Man. That sounds so time consuming! But I’m sure it’s worth it in the end.

Yeah that would make me so mad too if my changes were gone after publishing.

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Lol yeah

I am working on a fifth on the side.

And it is time consuming lol.

And hey, at least you’re on your second book. When you’re done with that, you might even have an idea for a third one.

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For my readers sake, let’s hope so! This book series ain’t gonna finish itself lol :joy::joy:

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Ohh, it would be so handy if someone just came out with a device that transitions thoughts to words.


Would make a writers life a lot easier.

I think the closet we have is VR simulation, oh well, in time.


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That would make life so much easier :weary:

Maybe by the time we’re old and gray. Then not even arthritis can stop us from being best sellers lol :joy::joy:

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I am sure they’ll come out with a regulation.

Meaning complex thinkers or something.


Over the next two weeks, I gotta release my 4th book completely. Editing the drafts just takes awhile. Heaven knows a reader of mine would go insane lol.

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And yet they’d still be looking over your shoulder wondering when you’ll be finished. :joy::joy:

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