Hi! Kudos to all readers and writers!
I am an aspiring novelist :sweat_smile: and i have just posted the first part of my novel. I am really serious this time :joy:
It’s written in Filipino since I really do love the language coz it sounds more earthy and poetic so yeah. I hope there’ll be people from here who’ll give it a chance. I would really appreciate positive feedback and constructive criticisms that would help me improve my craft. You can message me anytime if you’d like to open up a conversation with me also, and it could not only be about the story, but also general topics. I am hoping to build relationships here founded on mutual trust and deep understanding. And if you have your own stories you’d like to share to gain feedback, i’d also be glad to be of help. :blush:
Thank you and let’s continue to fill those blank papers with inks and those screaming, beaming white lights of our screen with words that would eventually lead us to another world. Let’s keep on dreaming and imagining.
Here’s my username: @xaendarela

Hey, I just checked Letalis est Fabula. I also advocate writing in our native language.
What is the genre of your story? 'Coz I had a very slight difficulty grasping the theme of your story from the first glance. :smiley_cat::smiley_cat::smiley_cat:

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So it’s kinda alternate history or dystopian.
Who is your inspiration for this? Like an author and his/her works? 'Coz i feel some “Game of Thrones” vibe here with established history and political/social system. :smirk_cat:

Yes! Exactly! When it comes to the theme and plots GOT is one of my inspirations and also Attack on Titan and Divergent. But when it comes naman to the writing style, I am heavily influenced by El Fili and Noli me Tangere ni Dr. Jose Rizal.

Hi! Thank you for checking it out. It is set in an alternate universe so the world and the places are entirely created out of my imagination. However I have relied deeply into our own history as Filipinos. But I’d like to consider this work as a literary fiction/ historical and adventure. There will be social issues that I’ll be addressing in the upcoming chapters which stem from what we filipinos had been through and going through.

PS had to repost this bc i just noticed I replied using my other accnt. :joy:

Yeah. I was going to ask kung second account mo yon. Haha. :smiley_cat:

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Uhmmmm… wow
Kudos to those writers who are able to build their own world and and just letting the characters play within that environment.
Will it have fantasy/supernatural/scifi elements (like those you mentioned) or will it be as realistic as possible with some social commentary (like Noli and El Fili)?

Hi There! Really cool post!
As a Filipino-American, I’d love to read more stories about the Philippines. Would you consider writing an English Short Story version of your book to share with people who have an interest in the culture but don’t speak the language?

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Lovely, Xaendarela! I wish I had the capacity to write in the mother tongue, but my abilities extend only to the most conversational level, that was somewhat improved the brief time our family lived in the Philippines, but rapidly dwindled in the so many years since. The great thing is that I can still understand it better than I speak it! :relaxed:
I am excited to delve into your story—going in right now to do so!

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Hmm I’m afraid this will not have any fantasy/supernatural/sci-fi contents. This story will be very close to reality, hinting at social issues just like Noli and El Fili.
But I would be open to working with a story that’s heavily inclined to fantasy and supernaturals.

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to write me a reply. I am already working on translating my work into English, but it make take some time. :blush:

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope you’ll enjoy it although it’s written in heavy Tagalog. Only a few people are interested in reading stories written in complete Tagalog, so I really appreciate you reading my work. :blush:

I just feel sad to know that “few people are interested in reading stories written in complete Tagalog” here in Wattpad. 'Coz my passion is really on writing Filipino fiction. Also because I’m not that good in English language. :crying_cat_face:
Anyways, I’m happy that you have the time to continue working on your story. I wish you can still complete your published work in pure Tagalog as it is your intention. But as MarieLinsay said, you may extract a few chapters/scenes and write them in English so you know what it sounds like in English language.

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@bernardcatam I’ve stumbled upon quite a few readers who requested me to write my story into tagalog-english bc it’s what they’re comfortable with, so I got the idea that yeah, Filipinos who enjoy stories written in Tagalog are getting fewer and fewer. But we’re still here though! I hope you’ll continue writing in our beautiful language as well. Thank you for wishing me luck, all the best for you too!

My brother and I are already in the midst of translating my work, but it will take some time :blush: @bernardcatam and @MarieLinsay.


Though it was very heavy in proper (non colloquial) Tagalog, and though it took me a little longer to read, I adored your deft prose, descriptions of characters and locales. Please continue with it, it is a marvelous undertaking! You must forgive me, it’s been quite a while since I’ve read literary Tagalog pieces—I even had a hankering to revisit Dr. Rizal’s “Noli Me Tangere, but because of the intensity of the subject matter, I eased my reading time by doing the English translation this time around. So it may take me a while to get through the text.

A question about Mang Isko’s use of “hija” vs. “ineng” or “neneng.” Can you elaborate on that (love it, a learning situation for me here!)? Thank you!

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Hi @Phynnebelle I am grateful and deeply flattered by your compliments and for thinking that my work is worth the time to read. It was my intention from the very beginning to promote the beauty of our language and secondly to bring back the works of Dr. Jose Rizal into the minds of young people who have forgotten or haven’t had the pleasure of reading his works and I am glad to know that my intentions have gone through you in ways I have hoped.

I don’t know if my answer to your question would be the exact answer, but as to what I have known, the term “neneng” that has later on been shortened to “ineng” is equivalent to the english word “darling.” So “neneng” is an endearment mostly used by husbands to their wives. (My grandfather for one, calls my grandmother “neneng”.) However, as times passed, I think this endearment had not only been limited to husband’s wives, but also to little girls. Most Filipino households before nickname their daughters “neneng” until they got used to calling them with it, even though they are already past the age of being considered a little girl.
As for “hija” it’s a Spanish word which means daughter, and since we’ve been colonized by Spain for more than 300 years, I guess it lingered on to our tongues until this very day.
I hope this answers your question.

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Wow!!! You already found your writing buddy!!! :heart_eyes_cat:
I wish I have a brother too that could help me on plotting or something.

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Hi! I exclaimed uy, because suddenly I feel not so alone. My story is also not Historical fiction bit not fantasy either.

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Yes, I’m fortunate to have him. It’s reassuring to have someone you can share your writing plans with. :blush:

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