Finally getting somewhere! (LGBT)


Tenku :smiley:


I thought that this closed?


Oh wait nvrmind I’m thinking of a different thread.


Thank you so much, Stacey :sparkling_heart:


@AWFrasier I finally got the Beta Test Survivor badge! :slight_smile: All thanks to you =]


Yaaaaay :smile::confetti_ball:

It’s looking smashing!


I think their should be a “Old Forums survival badge”-Oh wait everyone would get that.


Could I have the survivor badge?


Just thought I’d add, I am LGBT.

Absolutely do not ever lecture about about what it means to be LGBT.


Spot on! History seems to repeat itself!


Spot on!


Let’s let sleeping dogs lie. It’s finally calmed down




The OP has to request it to close for it to close. The topic concluded either way. There is no need to bump it two months later…


@violetsun5 Can you please ask a mod like @xkaydotx to close this thread? Thanks =]