Finding fellow translator Vietnamese-Eng/Chinese-Eng <3



Hello there and welcome! :kissing_heart:

I am looking for a long-term and dedicated fellow translator for a book that I’m working on. This book has about 6 million reads and is still ongoing. Our team currently has 2 main translators and is dividing the work. However, since we’re both very busy with our lives, we haven’t been able to update regularly.

We’re looking for someone who is:

  1. Fluent in Vietnamese and English, or Chinese and English and has fairly good command of these languages.
  2. Able to commit (producing roughly 2 chapters of translation a month)
  3. Passionate about the book (preferred - not required)
  4. No prior experience is necessary.

Your Wattpad name will be tagged in each chapter that you translate and your work will be supervised by an editor (me).

We are a super fun team with a super supportive reader community that always stay true and loyal. We are always welcoming.

This is a Gay Romance novel that has been made into a live action drama, so please be advised.

We would love for you to consider joining us!

Thank you.