Finding the Right Cover—Again

Hi, all!

I’m trying to figure out which cover I prefer, and if either of them yields the right sort of vibe for my novel. It’s about a girl who is cursed to come back to life after being killed, and her journey to overcome trauma and find out who she really is after losing so many little bits of herself to death. It’s a bit of a mystery, a bit of romance, but it’s mostly just general fiction where the protagonist simply wants this curse of hers to end.

Going off of that sort of description, which cover gives off the vibe of a dark mystery and a struggle to overcome the past? Do either of them? What could I change about them if neither gives you that vibe? Thanks for your input in advance!

Note: S.R. Crane is the pen name I plan on going by in the far future.

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I’m finding it hard to decide because I kinda like both.

I think you have the dark mystery aspect and the significance of death nicely represented with these grey flowers, that seem to disolve into ash (at least it looks like that a little) on the first cover.
But I also like the image on the second one. Does the story involve anything about the river Lethe by chance? Because that’s what I think when I look at the second cover and when you say your MC is losing parts of herself.

Your story sounds pretty interesting though, one of the first stories I ever read on Wattpad had a similar premise and also dealt with a girl being reborn over and over again and I think it’s an intriguing theme to explore.

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I picked neither.

If you’re going for simple I pick two it draws me in and something about 1 bothers me.

But from the cover I would have no idea what kind of book this is about I would try to add her somewhere into the cover maybe something haunting but otherwise 2

Thank you for the response!

The water is supposed to be more representative of all bodies of water. My MC has a lot of clashes with it (rivers, oceans, rain, etc) in addition to the jellyfish connection itself. I didn’t want to go straight for a jellyfish image as I did for my last cover. Feels too on the nose.

You should share that story or writer with me if you have the link. I’d love to check either of them out. And thank you again for providing some details about how each makes you feel!

In an original, I did have the MC on the cover, but I feel that having images of people on covers doesn’t fit well. I try to make the atmosphere of it give off a more haunting vibe. Are you able to pinpoint what bothers you about the first cover? Perhaps it’s the differing textures? The lilies not fiting right? The color scheme? Are the flowers not bright enough? Any details would be wonderful! :slight_smile:

The flowers the font and the ombre colors

Thank you!

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As someone who literally binged all the published parts of this book in one sitting (and who is still waiting for more) I love the first one! It really has the right style and vibe for the story!

Ahhhh, you! I’ve been meaning to message you to thank you for your dedicated readership. I’m so sorry I haven’t updated in a while. It became harder and harder for me to stay on track with it and where it was set (a place I’m unfamiliar with). I’ve actually started to rewrite it so it’s back on track for what I want from it. I just really wanted to get into remaking the cover for it.

Also, I’m surprised you binged all of it in one sitting. That was so impressive, and it made me so happy to see.

All good! We all have lives off of this site, so don’t stress too much about it. Bedsides, rewrites are always important, especially if you’re not happy with where the story is going. :heart:

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