Finishing Your Book



17 books and I have 18, 19, 20 and 21 on deck next–with the 18th nearly finished.


On here, I started and completed my first story in a little under a month and finished its sequel in the same amount of time. Though I loved the story, I decided to take them both down because they are in need of a hefty rewrite and the quality of the writing was not what I wanted new members to see.

My guide book, which is still up, is complete.

Right now, my current book I think I’m over halfway through. I have an ending in mind, which will unfortunately break a lot of my readers hearts. But it’s the only ending I’ve thought of and really is a good fit for the story. But choosing that ending would mean a sequel, and I would have to come up with a plot for it (again, I think I have one in mind).


Yeah. One of my current books has an ending that I wanted and it was considered open for a sequel. I never planned a sequel but then it just happened as I continued writing the first book. So now I have a sequel planned and I cannot wait to announce it to my readers. I wanna keep it under wraps until i finish book 1.


Good call.

Mine would be five years after this first book ended and would be a second chance at a love that happened too soon. Again, I might end up going a different route. I’m not a planner, so we’ll just have to see what happens.


One tip I was told about writing a sequel is to not touch the sequel at all until book 1 is finished. I’ve been using it. It’s especially helpful for people like us who constantly change our ideas. I’ll officially know the ultimate plan of book 2 when book 1 has been completely written. Im so excited for it. Book 2 is a direct continuation, except told from a different character pov.


I like that you’re going to switch the POV.


I finished my first book, A Patriot’s Tale, last March!

I’m currently writing two WIPs at the same time. The Two Foxes (my second WIP) is past the halfway point, so I’ve been focusing on it more to get it done.


That’s awesome! I can’t only write one book at once, so I always have multiple WIPs.


just finished writing my ending for my book ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ in draft now just got about an hour and a halfs worh of editing


I have editing. That’s the worst.




I’ve finished eleven full length novels (including one that I completed last month!). I started a new book last week - we’ll see how that one goes.


Wow! That’s a lot but congrats! That’s a great accomplishment. Good luck in your next book!


Thank you!

I’ve been on here for over five years, hence the relatively high number of completed books.




I’ve been here 5 years too!


Cool! I feel so old sometimes…most of my original Wattpad friends have long since left the site.


Haha, same. Even my best friend, who has been my best friend for 7 years. I still text her 24/7 literally. She also has an unfinished book on wattpad that she started in 2014 and has 37k reads. I guess she got tired of wattpad. But not me!


My real life best friend is still here, but she’s pretty inactive most of the time. Also, it really bothers me when people don’t finish their books, especially if it’s good!


Right?! I keep telling her to finish. Her book is super amazing. She’s a great writer haha. And English is her second language (but my first) and she still writes better.