#FinishYourNovel [April | ONLY COWARDS WON'T JOIN]


Oh! That’s ok then, I’ll join.


You might want to look through everything above first; everything should be clear after reading it (:


I did. :smile:


Last step: please sign the pledge


Oooh thank you for tagging me! Seriously debating considering technically I need to focus more on Rise, but by April I’ll only be like 25k in so I doubt I’ll be able to finish it in a month (considering it’s estimated at 200k+ finished). I could probably do Wicked Little Creatures in a month if I pushed myself (and I’d love to) but Rise is supposed to be my main project…


Just do it already! You really need it – here’s your chance


Well trying to write 175k in 31 days might kill me XD I could do it with Wicked Little Creatures but I’m debating over whether it’s a responsible decision to push Rise aside for a month since it’s the one I’m supposed to focus on a little more


oh god, i know that pain. my first draft of my first manuscript is over 250k (which i’ll split later on) but it’s definitely a killer haha


Sorry, I won’t be joining in… I have too many variables going on and I wouldn’t be able to successfully complete the challenge


XD The first book, Tide, ended at 175k and I’m estimating Rise to be 200k+. Exactly how long remains to be seen but it’s gonna be massive


I promise, I’ll finish my novel, please have mercy :pleading_face:

Jokes aside. I’ve tasked myself with 3 x novels to self-pub this year. Book 1 is already into chapter 2 :grin:


Seriously, I’m going to have to bulk post to Wattpad and write in word entirely.
This white is too :winterstars:dazzling.:winterstars:


Hahaha I’ve never written directly on Wattpad. I always copy paste off of Word


That is a lot. Are these written yet?


Smart move. I tend to type in Wattpad and paste to Google docs or vice-versa since most of the time I’m using my phone or tablet. Then I spend some time revising and fixing up via docs when I’m on big PC.


I’m way too paranoid to type in Wattpad. Everything goes on Word and is saved on both my computer and a flashdrive, and then pasted into Wattpad as each chapter is finished


Pretty ambitious I know. One book is already completed in draft, so it’s easy enough to revise and go. Another is half-way in, so I should be able to complete by the time the Wattys kick in. The other I don’t know. I might use Nanowrimo for this one.


Are you self-publishing self-publishing? Like for sale? Because I’m releasing 2 books this year and they were both finished ahead of time and it’s still a crunch to get them out


Yep. I just released one this year. No sales yet, understandable since readers can read for free here. I just like the fun of making books and seeing my stories listed in Kobo and Google Play.


Wait, sorry, I’m confused but it might be because I’m tired and have a headache XD You published one already this year and are planning on publishing 3 more?