#FinishYourNovel [April | ONLY COWARDS WON'T JOIN]


I want to join but don’t trust myself lol
(I’m very v indecisive so imma take my time :smile:)


Well I won’t be able to complete the challenge due to the busy schedule I have~
(nooo just procrastination! jk jk >.>)
So unless i am a fan of coming in the wall of shame, I won’t be joining haha XD


Will there be another version? I really want to join but I have other things to do that are really, really important.


Nice! Thanks for tagging me. I think i’ll Definitely join you~


So where do I take the pledge?


My only thing is that I can’t be online nightly to submit word counts. I don’t have access right now and probably won’t when april rolls around


i’m debating on doing this, because i know my ass needs real motivation. plus, i know that i’m lazy and i have SO many unfinished books already posted


@be_butterfly here you go, I hope I got the right person. So sorry if I didn’t.


Ahhh, thank you! :grin:




Fuck it. I’m gonna do it. Only 30,000 words to go!!! (PLEASE END ME.)


I, @Havingfun_ISKEY, have read through everything thoroughly and agree to follow all the rules of #finishyournovel and agree to receive the penalty if I break any of the rules. if any requirements are broken, i agree to disqualification. @be_butterfly and @madelinetucker123 are my witnesses.



I have now sold my soul to the devil



Lol, you’ll be fine, there were people that wrote 10k+ in a day. Have fun~


wtf HOW

my book is WAY too deliberate (lots of plot twists lmao) to be able to pull that off successfully

I’m lucky if I write more than 2k in a day :open_mouth:

Thanks tho :smiley:


If you’re up for reading a whole bunch of comments, go head over to the march one lol. :joy: One of them gave up their earbuds and sanity. Most of them probably gave up their sanity doing that.


Trust me sweetie I’m already losing my sanity writing this damn book

Rather fitting considering one of the major themes in the book is insanity

I may do that though xD


Ooooooo insanity, sounds interesting.


Thanks :smiley: It’s been a big challenge tackling the subject, considering it’s my first book, but I feel like it’s really paying off. I’ve been enjoying depicting the MC’s slow descent into madness over the course of the first and seconds acts. These next few chapters are going to get really intense.


I’m honored that you picked me to be your witness.