#FinishYourNovel [April | ONLY COWARDS WON'T JOIN]







I think we’ve both lost our minds


You think? XD





Man, I kinda want to join, but I’m not sure if I can finish my novel in a month…


Me too, but I want to give it a go.


Oh well. Here goes nothing. I’ll sell my soul too.


I, @Dountmindme, have read through everything thoroughly and agree to follow all the rules of #finishyournovel and agree to receive the penalty if I break any of the rules. if any requirements are broken, I agree to disqualification. @madelinetucker123 and @solaris62 are my witnesses.


I want to join because I wanna finish my book before The Wattys, but I am kinda scared. :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


You should join :wink: this will totally help you get that book finished before the Wattys. And the rules aren’t too bad. If you don’t have the time to write on that day, just do a word and submit that as your word count :smiley:


salutes I bid you good luck XD


Yeah right though. I am considering it. Who else is joining? Someone I can have as my witness lol. XD


I’m going to finish mine in April where do I sign the pledge?


You should anyway! Even if you don’t finish, you at least get things done


This starts April (and hopefully every month after that) you have ore than enough time to decide!


You can submit it whenever, as long as it’s before 11:59 PM


Welcome to the club!